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All Things Typescript Newsletter - Issue #1

Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Hi, my name is Maina Wycliffe and this is my first issue of All Things Typescript where you will find hand-picked Typescript articles, announcements, and events on Typescript and related technologies. I hope you will enjoy it.

Top Articles
Using the React children prop with TypeScript - LogRocket Blog
How to Generate a TypeScript API Reference: Building an NPM Package with TypeScript | by Floriel | Mar, 2022 | Level Up Coding
The Fetch API is finally coming to Node.js - LogRocket Blog
Implement Hybrid Decorator Functions in TypeScript | by David Herron | Feb, 2022 | JavaScript in Plain English
Extending object-like types with interfaces in TypeScript - LogRocket Blog
Top Tweets
Titian Cernicova Dragomir 💙💛
In #TypeScript, not being able to access members from all union constituents is frustrating sometimes, even more so when we want to destructure a union in parameters as in this question
1/6 🧵
Michael Hoffmann
💡 JavaScript Tip:

Speed up your asynchronous JavaScript code by using Promise.all
Simon Høiberg
TypeScript Tip 💡

One thing I’ve noticed from new TypeScript converts is that they tend to
insist on typing *everything*.

It's not necessary.

TypeScript is very good at inferring the types themselves. You don’t have to
trivially type out every single thing.
Angular Community Meetup | Europe & Africa - English | Meetup
Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you enjoyed it. See you next week.
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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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