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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Good morning, I hope you had a great weekend. This weekend I attended Google I/O Extended Nairobi, where I gave a talk on Angular Without Modules (a new feature for the recently released Angular 14) and enjoyed meeting the amazing dev community from Kenya.
I am also starting out another newsletter focussing on developer tooling and productivity, which is an area I want to focus on in the future by working and helping developers become better and more productive. The newsletter is called The Pragmatic DevX and you can subscribe to the newsletter here for my new weekly newsletter. 
On top of that, Angular 14 was released with support for Standalone Components and Strictly Typed Forms, you can learn more about the announcement in the announcement section below.
Have a great week ahead and stay positive, thank you.

Featured Projects
Angular v14 is now available!
What Type of Safety Can You Get with TypeScript on Web Rush #183
Michael Hoffmann
💡 TypeScript Tip:

Use type predicates to narrow down types. They are a form of type guards.
Matt Pocock
Doing some thinking about my TS course - I'm leaning towards a creating a 'circle of types'.

You can transform from (nearly) every type to every other type in TypeScript - but knowing how is tough.

This would be an AMAZING visual reference for when you're doing TS in the wild.
Fernando Silva
Taking the last element in an array in TypeScript type system.
Christoffer Noring
Are you using all these modern features from #javascript?
- spread syntax
- rest
- string interpolation
- shorthand properties
- object destructuring
- parameter matching
I not, learn how and upgrade your Javascript, in this video:

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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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