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All Things Typescript Newsletter - Issue #3

Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Hello there, thank you for subscribing and staying subscribing. This week was a quiet one in terms of announcements related to Typescript but I have found some rather interesting articles and tweets that you will find very insightful.
I have a personal announcement to make in terms of the direction I want to take All Things Typescript and hopefully, you will find this really interesting and helpful. In every issue, starting from next week, I will be including a lesson on Typescript, Javascript, and programming in general that can help you further improve your skills and knowledge.
On top of that, I will introduce a challenge section, that will include Typescript related challenges that you can maul on in the course of the week. I will give the answers to the challenges in the next issue.

Top Articles
How to use the keyof operator in TypeScript - LogRocket Blog
Why I Migrated From JavaScript to TypeScript Again
Demystifying ‘this’ in JavaScript
Debugging TypeScript using Replay Node | by Cecelia Martinez | Replay | Mar, 2022 | Medium
7 Rare But Useful JavaScript Tricks | JavaScript in Plain English
Top Tweets
Simon Høiberg
JavaScript Tip 💡

Did you know about generator functions?

You can use the yield keyword to process and return data, on-demand, in an infinite sequence.

It's not used that often, but there are cases where using this pattern is really helpful.
Steve Sewell
Performance tip: don't forget to dedupe your modules!

In many cases, you may be loading the same package multiple times

Try `npm dedupe` or `npx yarn-dedupe` to ensure you shed unneeded duplicates
Tim Deschryver
💡 TypeScript/JavaScript Tip, if something is worth adding a comment to, use the JSDoc annotation instead of a "normal" comment.
This way, the consumer sees the comment immediately (and you can style the comment if needed).

Motivation: I wasted a few hours due to this.
Maina Wycliffe
💡 Typescript Tip

You can use the Partial<T> utility type to make top-level fields of an interface or a type option
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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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