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All Things Typescript Newsletter - Issue #6

Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Good morning and Happy Easter. Due to the holidays, the last wasn’t the most eventful, but we got some great content to aid you in your journey of Learning and mastering Typescript from great contributors, which I have curated for you.
I also managed to publish an article on Performance on the web, which you can check below, and I hope you will enjoy it. I didn’t manage to add a lesson for this issue, but that will be back in the next issue once the holidays are over.
If you have any questions, my DMs are open; feel free to reach out, and I will do my utmost best to answer your questions. I hope you enjoy the current issue and have a great and successful week.

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Simon Høiberg
TypeScript Tip 💡

You can use "Pick" to quickly create new types.

And the cool thing is...
Pick is an inbuilt utility type.

We have that available natively in TypeScript.
Matt Pocock
🤔 Imagine a free, community-based approach for learning TypeScript - at any level.

What would it look like?

Some ideas:

- Weekly live streams covering core concepts/community questions
- Discord Q&A's throughout the week
- Different streams/channels for beginner/advanced
The 2021 Angular Developer Survey results are in! 🎉

Head to our blog to read what Angular developers are saying, and how we reflected your feedback in our roadmap! 🗺
Andrew Baisden ♐️
TypeScript has static type checking whereas JavaScript does not. If you want to write code that has less runtime and compile time errors then TypeScript is the natural progression.
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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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