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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Good morning and I hope you had a great weekend. As we look ahead to the coming week, we will look at a few notable articles, tweets, and pieces of knowledge from the last week. This week, we saw the announcement of Node v18, with experimental support for fetch API, which is one step closer to API parity between NodeJS and Browser API. Please learn more about this and more in the announcement section below.

My Article
Matt Pocock
Why would you bother with TypeScript when you can get the same type safety with unit tests?

Here's why 😍
Ryan Carniato
Alright, @Netlify Edge functions powered by @deno_land. Hackernews Demo:

🚀@solid_js + TypeScript + JSX
⚡️Built with @vite_js
🏄🏻‍♂️Streaming SSR on the Edge
⏰Suspense + Concurrent Transitions
✨Code splitting + parallelized fetching
🔥12.6kb JS Payload
Matt Pocock
🔥 TypeScript Tip #20 🔥

You can DRY up your generics code MASSIVELY (and improve perf) by assigning local variables to default generic slots.

Here, we move some complex 'Extract' logic to a generic slot, meaning it only gets calculated once.
Mini Bhati
#Typescript Tip: Partial<Type>

Want to have optional types without having to use the '?' operator?

Use Partial<Type>

With the partial utility type, we are able to specify that all of the properties within a type are optional regardless of any existing optional '?' operator.
Tomasz Gil 🇺🇦
Recently learned about recursive type references in Typescript 📘

Useful when creating a deep equivalent of the inbuilt `Partial` type, which works recursively for objects and arrays of objects.

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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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