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All Things Typescript Newsletter - Issue #8

Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe
Good morning fellow Typescript developers; I hope you had a fantastic weekend. First, I am incredibly excited to announce that we have passed the 100 subscribers mark for this newsletter, and I would like to thank all of you for making this happen. I am aiming for the 200 subscribers mark, and I need your help and support; please share this newsletter with your friends and provide any feedback you have.
This week’s newsletter doesn’t have any challenges or Typescript tips. I was away on holiday last week, but we will be looking at Discriminated Unions in the next issue next week and how we can use them to write better Typescript types.

Top Articles
Michael Hoffmann
💡 JavaScript Tip:

Get sum of an array with reduce. In 90% of the cases where I use reduce it is to create the sum of an array.

When do you use reduce?
You can shrink your Google Fonts files with the “text” query param.

Super useful for quick and dirty logotypes! Thanks @TejasKumar_ for the tip.
🥐 Code__Oz #IndieWebDev
💡 Javascript Tips 💡

⛔️ Don’t use the delete operator anymore, you can mutate the original object that can lead to bug (unpredictable behavior)

✅  But you can use the rest operator in order to create new object without the property

#100DaysOfCode #codenewbies
Decoded Frontend (Dmytro Mezhenskyi)
Frontend Snack #7💡 Quick hint that shows the difference between "any" and "unknown" types in #typescript. Are you Angular Dev and looking for advanced videos? Visit my YouTube channel

#angular #webdevelopment #frontenddev #js
Michel Ruffieux 🇨🇭
What's the difference between #helper classes and #utility classes? Helpers is an instance that may contain a state while Utils have no state and may provide a list of static functions. ⬇️ #TypeScript #webdev #javascript
📌Tips @atomicojs + #Typescript + #webcomponents, Atomico has the type Host with which you can declare methods and events created in the scope of your component
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Maina Wycliffe
Maina Wycliffe @mwycliffe_dev

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